Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I purchase my tickets?

You can purchase your tickets from the driver when you board, or from The Trolley Shoppe l

Is the city tour for only 1 complete time around?

The Trolley Tour Day Pass allows you unlimited use of the tour bus for its duration. You may Hop On and Hop Off the Trolley at any of the 29 stops you wish, and spend the day travelling at your leisure.

What places are a must see?

The most common must-see places are The Three Sisters, Scenic World, Leura Cascades and Gordon Falls.

What are the typical weather conditions?

The climate of the Blue Mountains is more temperate than the Sydney region. During winter (June, July, August), the average temperature in the Upper Mountains area is around 5ºC while in Summer (December, January, February), the average temperature is around 18ºC.


The Blue Mountains has a similar rainfall to Sydney.


The Blue Mountains does receive snowfalls during winter, however, there are on average only 5 snow days per year.