The Best Travel Drone for 2020? DJI Mavic Mini review

Travelling can be something that relaxes you, rejuvenates you and helps expose you to the different realities in life. It is something everyone should experience at some point in their life. However, travelling can mean, adventure, it can mean action and it can mean constant movement, especially in a place like Australia.

This is where the DJI Mavic mini comes into play. It’s an action camera drone that is easily portable and easy to use. The reason why many travellers and action enthusiasts prefer such a camera over smartphone cameras. The camera is stable, can easily catch a video with turbulence and gives good quality video content with overhead, panoramic views.

Mavic mini is small in size and is perfectly amazing for travel and for carrying around with you when you go to remote places. People believe that it is a lightweight, easy to use and carry drone which is very handy for travel. It will easily fit into your suitcase, will not take up much space, and can be carried into different places in your backpack so you do not miss out on the beautiful views. Its small size and weight also make it much cheaper than other drones by its parent company and make it more affordable comparatively.

If you are a professional photographer, then your decision may be swayed away from this drone due to the technicalities and resolution it offers. However, for people who are bloggers or vloggers will love the video footage this drone provides.

As the drone is super light and only weighs 249 grams, it does need to be registered as a proper drone, rather it can be used as with a having to register as a drone operator and can be flown without passing a test online or without a registration fee. In other words, this is a drone that has been created to make it more accessible to people are not pros.

Some of the technical specifications of the drone are that it is 249 grams in weight and can fly for around 30 minutes on average. When it’s folded, its dimensions are 140x82x57 mm. It has a gimbal of 3 axis stabilization. The video resolution is 2.7K, which is lesser than Mavic Pro or the other models. The photo resolution is 12 MP and the maximum controller range is 500 m.

As the Mavic pro is tiny, it doesn’t make much noise, which means that people you travel with would not have a problem with the sound of the drone you have as after 20m you can’t hear it. However, as it is small, the problem that usually occurs with it is that it cannot be used on a breezy day and cannot be used where there is wind as it won’t hold and an accident can easily happen.


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