5 Must See Attractions In Melbourne 2020

Australia is home to the world’s most amazing off-road destinations. Melbourne, one of the largest and most beautiful cities of Victoria, is one of those places. Melbourne is undoubtedly one of best places of the world. The natural beauty of Melbourne, the amazing infrastructure, lively inhabitants, and many other such things make it the most visited place. Every year, a large number of tourists are attracted to this beautiful city. Melbourne has a lot of breathtaking places and attractions that it is not possible to list them in a single blog. However, given below are the five most beautiful and must-see attractions in Melbourne:

Federation square

Federation Square is a site of arts, culture, and history, located at an area of about 7.9 acres. This square was opened for public in 2002 and till date, it is an essential part of the city. This square is the best sightseeing location for tourists as it is very easily accessible and is also the largest transportation hub. Due to the amazing infrastructure and efficient design, over 2000 events are organized in this square every year. No matter, what time and season you are visiting the federation square, you will surely find something entertaining and fun.

 Royal Botanical Garden

The Royal botanical gardens cover an area of about 38 acres. Visiting these botanical gardens to discover the rare and beautiful plants and flowers is a wonderful experience. Over 8500 types of plants including the very rare ones are found abundantly in these royal botanical gardens. It is extremely difficult for botany students and nature to leave this park. Other than the plants and flowers, botanical gardens are also an ideal and peaceful place for family picnics and to celebrate weddings too.

Caravan Parks

Caravan parks are a type of recreational parks, where tourists with their fun and entertaining vehicles, can stay overnight in allocated spaces called sites. The Caravan Parks in Victoria provide a lot of facilities and activities like adventure playgrounds, recreation rooms, swimming pools, spas, solar operated parks, lavish rooms, and much more.  Some most common and must-visit caravan parks in Melbourne are Discovery Park, BIG4 Melbourne Holiday Park, Honey Hush Caravan Park, etc.

Melbourne Cricket Ground and National Sports Museums

The Melbourne cricket ground is among the top tourist attractions. Melbourne Cricket Ground is dedicated to the sports and sportsmen of Australia. The national sports museum located within the cricket ground exhibits items related to sports like football, cricket, Olympics, and other games. The museum also displays the Australian hall of fame and the Melbourne ground in an amazing manner. Melbourne Cricket Ground and National Sports Museums is no doubt a heaven for the sports lover.

Queen Victoria Market

Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne is the largest market of the city. The market due to magnificent food halls, clothes stalls, toy shops, and availability of souvenirs, make this market an important tourist attraction in Melbourne. Other than shopping and food, music concerts, nighttime fun, and other functions held in the Queen Victoria market make this place worth visiting.

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