7 summer Activities For Residents In Retirement Homes

7 summer Activities For Residents In Retirement Homes

Summer brings plenty of sunshine, holidays, and enjoyment. It’s also a time of year that many seniors in independent living homes look forward to since there are a variety of events catered to their specific requirements. This blog post will show you seven such summer activities that you can enjoy as an independent living senior.

Ice cream parties

Who does not enjoy ice cream? So why not throw exciting ice cream parties for residents over the three summer months? Create one-of-a-kind events, such as an ice cream tasting where you buy distinctive pints of ice cream and use plastic spoons to give everyone a taste or make your own ice cream for everyone to sample.

Best retirement villages may also host an afternoon event, including the World’s Largest Ice Cream Sundae, by filling a small kids’ pool with gallons of various ice cream and a plethora of toppings for residents, staff, and family members to enjoy. Have a Popsicle Truck where you load your bag with Popsicles and serve them out to passersby in the halls or even an Ice Cream Cake Baking Class where you teach residents how to make ice cream cakes.

Lemonade Breaks

Set up many lemonade booths throughout your institution to keep your residents hydrated throughout the hot summer months. Make pitchers of lemonade ahead of time and set them out at each booth, along with cups for residents to assist themselves. Encourage residents to drink water to stay hydrated.

Friday barbecues

Work with dining services to provide grilled meals, such as hot dogs and hamburgers on Fridays, throughout the summer. Why not have your residents look forward to Fridays as much as your facility’s staff does?


Museum excursion

Staying home is one definite way to remain cool this summer. However, you can plan more indoor activities, such as traveling to museums, enabling residents to enjoy getting away while being cool. In your neighbourhood, look for both major and small museums. In fact, call your county’s history department to locate intriguing historical landmarks with air conditioning that your residents may visit.


During the summer, organise entertaining bake-off activities for residents and staff. Participate in your facility’s Baking Club as well. Plan competitions in which residents get to judge the winners after sampling the treats. Consider obtaining small trophies to present to the victors of your bake-off tournaments.

Sunset meets

Plan nightcaps on your facility’s backyard patio to take advantage of the cool summer evenings. Residents can enjoy mini treats like cookies and juice while socialising and seeing the sunset.

Backyard Baseball

Organize exciting baseball games in your backyard for residents to watch and play in the summer. Schedule team members to play family members, or throw a fun Little League Party with the grandchildren. If you have residents who wish to play, simply provide them with a batting tee and have staff members run the bases for them. During the summer backyard baseball games, make sure to provide residents with popcorn and peanuts while they cheer on their favourite team.


Bottom line

With the seven activities listed above, you can make summer at your retirement home the best time of the year. Summertime with cool drinks, sweet treats and lots of socialization is the key to a happy retirement.





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