The Features That Add The Most Value To Your Home

Owning a home is more than just an emotional experience. It’s also a financial decision that can pay off in the long run as you accumulate equity in your house and see your property’s value rise.

The value of property is affected by a variety of factors, including the locality in which your home is situated, local housing demand, and the overall economy. However, homeowners can raise the value of their house over time by making upgrades and alterations that can boost its appeal. Homes with certain features and characteristics score a higher selling price in the market than others.

In this article, we will discuss five such features that you can look after in your home to add value to it.

Upgrading to energy-efficient features

Energy-efficient solutions lower your utility expenditures. When the time for selling comes, these improvements will also appeal to purchasers, many of whom are looking for energy-efficient features to help them save money as homeowners.

If your property currently has old appliances that consume energy and make interiors look dated, then an upgrade—even if it’s as simple as installing low-cost modern equipment—can help you get a higher sale price.

Add to your curb appeal
Simple landscaping elements and accessories like new plants and fresh mulch can help your property make a good first impression. These improvements are inexpensive, and many of them can be made on your own. This will increase the visual appeal of your property to potential buyers.

Modular kitchen and efficient bathroom
Kitchens and baths, according to many real estate professionals, are the rooms that sell homes.

In many cases, a kitchen or bathroom remodel can provide a 100 per cent or greater return on investment—and that figure could be even higher depending on the finishes you select, the amount of labour you are willing to do yourself, and how much of an upgrade these changes provide over your home’s current condition.

If you have a renovation budget, then kitchen and bathroom upgrades are the best ways to increase the value of your property. If you are planning to get a home renovation done, contact the best home builders by Hotondo Homes to increase your property’s value and appeal.

Furnished basement
When establishing the fair market value of your home, finished and furnished square footage is an important factor to consider.

Even if you don’t want to engage in a major renovation, basic procedures such as putting up drywall and carpeting a room can transform an unfinished space into a profitable addition to your house. By expanding the footprint of this finished area, you can raise the value of your property.

Invest in paint
The first thing anyone notices when visiting a property is its visual appeal. With good quality paint, you can make your wall speak. Clean and smooth walls reflect the healthy condition of the house, thus always make sure to keep your property well painted before any buyer’s visit.

Final thoughts

There are various features that you can add to your home to make it more efficient and optimised. Any value addition to your home is sure to fetch you a lot of compliments from the neighbours and also a good price on the market. Before you plan to spend on big features like a pool or gazebo, you must get the above-mentioned basic features sorted. These are fundamental features that can improve your property instantly and within a budget.









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