Top 9 Must-See Sites That You Can Visit in the Blue Mountains

Are you are looking for the best things that you can do in the Blue Mountains? If yes, then don’t miss this list of top 10 things that you will love to do in the Blue Mountains!

These mountains are blue coloured. It is the only feature that makes The Blue Mountains stand out and rank as the most recommended attractions for tourist in Australia.

Here are the top 9 irresistible things to do in the Blue Mountains.

  1. The Three Sisters Plaza

Three Sisters Plaza or The Echo Point is the most highlighted spot to visit in the Blue Mountains. It is one of the most favourite places for the majority of visitors. After reaching to the Blue Mountains, you should not miss the opportunity to visit this unique formation of rocks known as The Three Sisters Plaza.

According to the majority of historians, there were three sisters of the Katoomba Tribe who were helped by a witchdoctor when some members of the Nepean Tribe tried to kidnap them. Today these 3,000 feet high rock formations have become the centre of gravity and the main reason for visiting the Blue Mountains.

  1. Wentworth Falls

One of the many waterfalls that you might love to visit in the Blue Mountains is the Wentworth Falls which is said to be one of the most beautiful spots which can be easily reached by the Wentworth Falls Track. These cascades have continued to stay as one of the most irresistible sites to visit for the majority of tourists and mentioning it in the list of Top 10 things that you should do in the Blue Mountains is imperative.

Once you reach the lookouts, you will be able to have an undistracted view of the Wentworth Falls. According to the majority of the visitors, it is the most exciting things that they were able to do in the Blue Mountains. It drops to the valley from more than 100 meters and delivers a highly impressive and sweeping outlook.

  1. Govetts Leap

Govetts Leap is arguably the best lookouts. Along with a 180m deep waterfall and a thick chunk of lush green forest, visiting this place is the best thing to do when you are in the Blue Mountains.

When you are there, you will be able to spot countless king parrots and black cockatoo with yellow tails in the area. And this is not the end, Govetts Leap hikes down to the start of Grose Wilderness which is another awful site in the Blue Mountains.

  1. Leura

Leura is one of the most attractive sites in the Blue Mountains. It is a small village with a very pleasant and unique environment. Visiting Leura is one of the best things that you can do in the Blue Mountains.

In addition to the beautiful environment, Leura features many beautiful gardens adding more value to this beautiful village. You should consider this site in the list of top things to do in the Blue Mountains.
Katoomba Falls

You should consider visiting Katoomba Falls in the Blue Mountains. It is a unique waterfall which represents a staircase effect. It is one of the most highlighted that amazes its visitors the most while they get stunned from the dramatic scenery that surrounds these falls.

Walk along the Cliff to pass Katoomba Cascades. You will get to know how much adventurous and exciting it is to be at Echo Point. In addition to that, you can also make use of the easy circuit track and the round walk trail within the Katoomba Falls.

  1. Scenic World

Scenic World is one of the best spots to visit in the Blue Mountains, Australia. It is a fabulous spot for those who are curious to enjoy the world’s steepest scenic railway. Since it is not a rollercoaster, you will be able to enjoy this magnificent view in the heart of the Blue Mountains.

You can make the most out of the cableway, skyway, and the walkway and enjoy the spectacular views that you won’t find at any other place in the world. Visitors love to hike around the scenic world while some of them spend a couple of hours in this beautiful world.

  1. Empress Canyon

Empress Canyon is very impressive and beautiful canyon located in the Valley-of-the-Waters Creek just around the Wentworth Falls. It is one of the most exotic canyons in the world with a majestic rainforest scenery which ends at a 30m waterfall.

According to most of the professionals, the longest swim run that you can take is about 10 meters. Get all of the required gears such as helmet, backpack, canyoning harness, wetsuit, and other essentials elements and dive into the Empress Canyon experience in the Blue Mountains.

  1. Jenolan Caves

Located in the Jenolan Karst Conservation Reserve, The Jenolan Caves are limestone caves. Those fond of experiencing amazing and adventurous places should visit this site in the Blue Mountains.

Whether it is about a group vacation or a corporate event, Jenolan Caves rank as one of the most exciting places in the Blue Mountains. It is a magical place which remains open throughout the year. It would be one of the best things to do in the Blue Mountains.

  1. Glow Worm Tunnel

Glow Worm Tunnel is also one of the top-ranking places to visit in the Blue Mountains. Located in the Wollemi National Park, this tunnel is one of the most popular attractions for people who are enthusiastic about gorges, caves, and scenery. Enjoy your time while walking and getting mesmerised by thousands of glowing worms inside the tunnel.

  1. Rock Climbing Adventure from Katoomba

Whether you are going to experience rock climbing for the first time or an experienced climber, The Katoomba Mountains are very popular among those who want to climb challenging heights.

It stands among the most recommended sites that offer an exceptional rock-climbing experience. Plan a visit to the Blue Mountains if you are a pro climber.

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