Guide: How To Find The Perfect Work Boot

Expert Tips On Choosing The Perfect Shoes For Work

Do you often return home and take off your shoes to find your feet relaxing after a day of being packed? That feeling of release as you take off your shoes, often from the anguish, as well. If that’s the case, you need to change your shoes.

The question you should ask is: What to wear when you’re going to work? Here is a quick guide with all the breakdowns for you:

1. The Level Of Physical Activity

The first step is determining the level of physical activity you will indulge in. This will directly be from the profession you work in. For example, a gym trainer, or a school gym teacher, will have to run around, walk often, and even work out if needed. In these cases, your work shoes are essential sports shoes like sneakers.

But let’s consider the corporate world. Do you have to walk upstairs frequently? Are there requirements for you to walk from one office to another? Perhaps even travel for work, in this case, you need more comfortable footwear. Heels or any snuggish fit shoe won’t work.

2. Consider Your Profession

As mentioned in the first point, you need to consider your profession. After that, you need to narrow down the kind of footwear you can wear. Things that go according to your dress code. Because often, most corporate offices will have a formal dress code.

If you travel often, you need to have some essential accessories. Similarly, you might want to have an extra pair of comfortable shoes or wear them in your bag.

3. Suiting Your Wardrobe

The colour and style of your shoe should be something that will go with the majority of your work wardrobe. If your work wardrobe is formal, you could have black shoes, or brown shoes, as they work great for all of them. If you choose a specific colour, like yellow, or anything else, you might have limited options.

Similarly, you could choose leather, or the new and popular vegan leather, to wear. The point is to find the shoes that will work with most of your clothes for work/

4. Comfort Over Everything

Don’t compromise on comfort, period. Your work life is something where you will spend the majority of your day’s hours. Your feet will either be found or feel free, in the shoes that you choose. If you choose too sluggish a fit, be ready for aching toes. Similarly, for women, it isn’t a great idea to have heels, as it can hurt them too much.

Choose your comfort, have a little loose fit, but something you can tighten for fit if needed. Have a breathable and flexible material with room to loosen up and open up for you.

The Bottom Line

If you don’t know where to look for this kind of work footwear, perhaps you should try work shoes by Hard Yakka Australia. They might have exactly what you need and they certainly meet the above-mentioned criteria, and also offer diversity in options. So, make sure to check them out.

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