Top 10 Dos and Don’ts When Travelling With A Roof Rack

Roof racks are very useful when going on trips with a lot of luggage that can be either suitcase, mini boats, bicycles etc. Going on long trips and being able to carry stuff that you cant put inside your vehicle is a blessing. Travelling to Australia for a trip can be a really good vacation and a good break from life.

A medium-size rack is very versatile in terms of storing things. From bringing your tools on a trip to carrying a bicycle, there is not much it can’t handle if you seat things properly. While travelling with a roof rack, there are things you should be careful of and some you should do for a better experience. Eight of these following things are listed below.

1. Choose The Type Of Roof Rack You Need

It’s imperative to get the dimensions right according to your vehicle so that it can be installed perfectly on your vehicle. If you have any trouble knowing which rack would be best, ask your local seller to help you out.

2. Read Manual Before Installing

Reading the manual is important before installing to easily install the rack and avoid any damage to the rack and the car.

3. Fitting It Properly

The standard torque settings should be in accordance with the car as overly tight or loose-fitting can damage the vehicle and rack, both along with decreasing the durability of the product. A properly fitted rack will continue to be of use for years.

4. Lubrication

Lubricating the mounting bolt thread with copper grease can provide protection from rough weather and corrosion and would make removing bolts easier in future.

5. When Not In Use, Remove It

When the rack is not in use, remove it. Despite being light, it adds weight to the vehicle and increases fuel consumption.

6. Know The Weigh Limit/ Don’t Overload

While planning a getaway, it’s essential to keep a check on your luggage. Know how much your car and rack are capable of handling load. There is a weight limit on how much your car can carry the weight inside it and on the roof, know this information before putting weight on the rack.

7. Don’t Cross The Speed Limit

Driving within the speed limit is good for safety. Added weight on top of the car disturbs the aerodynamics and balance of the car at high speed. Drive within the speed limit to be on the safe side.

8. Height Is Always The Factor

Having height and weight on top of any car is a bad combo it disturbs the balance of the car while turning and may collapse on one side because of it imagine walking past a branch or tree and getting hit by it because of the height or getting your box ripped while driving into mall parking.


Having a good quality rack that’s best suited for your car according to the dimension is what you should aim for when buying the rack. Check out Car Roof Rack by Rola Roof Racks for one of the best quality racks and top-class instalments. Always keep in mind not to overload your car with heavy stuff to avoid any sort of mishap.

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