Weed Sprayer Safety: Tips For Proper Handling And Use

We all love plants but not unnecessarily everywhere. When the season comes it is time to get rid of all that weed growing in your backyard, lawn or farm. Weed can really spread fast if you have a few acres of area to manage. The Purpose of herbicides is to get rid of that unwanted weed with ease, this helps a lot if the species is invasive.

To get the best result with minimal effort herbicide is used in a weed sprayer which helps distribute the chemical evenly to make sure the job is done. If you bought a weed sprayer and want to know how to use it the best way, this guide is for you.

Have Proper Knowledge

When dealing with chemicals it’s important to know what to do, and how to deal with it if you get in contact with the chemical since they are hazardous to humans and animals. Read the label for the information on what to do if you inhale some herbicide or if any farm animal ingested it. Most companies suggest wearing protective gear, and they also suggest how long pets and livestock should stay out of the area to reduce harmful exposure.

Avoid Using Unnecessary Chemicals

Some herbicides come diluted and ready to be used at any moment while others are concentrated in nature. You need to measure how much area it is going to cover and then add to dilute the chemical to the perfect concentration. Don’t pour too many chemicals in water since wasting the chemical is not a smart move and will ruin your crop.

Use Specific Measuring Container

When measuring the number of chemicals to mix for the farm. Use a specific container or a dedicated cup so that at all times you know the number of chemicals you are mixing for a perfectly balanced and consistent mixture. This will allow you to be consistent with your mixture which will save money and time.

Be Cautious At All Times

Since these chemicals are hazardous and you don’t want the chemical to be in contact with you. There are four ways where you are capable of being exposed to it: dermal (when it makes contact with your skin), Inhale (breathing it in), ocular (getting it in your eyes), and oral (swallowing). That’s why it’s necessary to have protective gear on while working with chemicals.

Wear Protective Gear

Outdoor work is never the same every day of the year, that’s why it’s necessary to be protected at all times, when spraying the chemicals there is so much that can go wrong with just a twist in the flow of wind. Here are some protective equipment listed to help you in the situation.

  • Chemical-resistant work boot.
  • Chemical-resistant gloves.
  • Face shield or protective headgear.
  • Jumpsuit
  • Rubber apron when mixing chemicals.


How to use something the best is to know what to do with it and what not to do, especially if it’s anything that can seriously harm you. Reading the manual to ensure you know what you are dealing with and wearing protective gear allows you to work with it freely while keeping yourself protected. If you are looking for a sprayer browse for Agricultural Weed Sprayers by TTi Australia for the best quality sprayer.

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