Forklift Driver Jobs In Australia

Forklift Driver Jobs In Australia

A forklift is an equipment that makes things easier at work. If you own a business and it requires you to move heavy bulk from one place to another, having a forklift can make the job lot easier for you. However, driving a forklift is not an easy task. You need to go through a proper training period to know how to drive it.

Also, in countries like Australia, you need to have a license to operate. Once you have that, you can have numerous job opportunities as a forklift operator or driver. If you are new to all this or want to know more about forklift driver jobs, then you can stick to the end. This article will walk you through the jobs available for forklift drivers in Australia and the average salary.

About A Forklift Driver

A forklift is a machine that helps manoeuvre heavy bulk in the warehouse. It is an effective tool for keeping things organised in a storage facility. Electric forklifts require a skilled driver to operate them. A person with expertise in operating and driving a forklift is known as a forklift driver.

However, it is not easy to become a forklift driver professionally. If you want to become one, you need to obtain a license to operate it. And that you can only get if you undergo the training session. Once you are done with it, you will be eligible to get a license. After you get the license, you can seek jobs related to forklift driving. Thus, it won’t be wrong to say that a forklift license can add value to your living.

Forklift Driver Jobs In Australia

Forklift driver jobs involve a person who has all the knowledge of a forklift and can drive it also. Since the work majorly includes driving the forklift, these jobs are quite the same with some extra work responsibilities. Know that without a license to drive a forklift, you are not eligible for the jobs mentioned below:

Forklift Operator

The job of a forklift operator is to operate the forklift within the warehouse and move the bulk around. If there is any mechanical problem in the forklift, the operator should be able to fix that.

Forklift Driver

A forklift driver’s job is to drive the forklift in the warehouse and outside of it. He may also have to lift heavy pallets and move them from one place to another.


A storeman’s job is to keep the warehouse organised and move the goods to their desired locations. There might be some extra work related to managing and tracking the inventory. The storeman should also know how to operate a forklift.

Average Salary Of A Forklift Driver

The salary of a forklift driver widely depends on how they are working. If they are working on an hourly basis, then the lowest pay per hour for a forklift driver is around $27, whereas the highest is around $32. The full-time yearly salary of the forklift driver is $57,000.

Bottom Line

There is excellent scope in the field for forklift drivers. Every warehouse needs a forklift driver as they cannot operate without it. Many drivers do this job part-time and earn a handsome amount of money. You can also purchase a forklift if you have the license and put it on rent. You can check this link if you want a forklift on sale.


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